The surplus value of your labour is typically three to six times as much as what you pay in taxes.

According to Unicef capitalism creates artificial famines that kill the equivalent of Stalin's entire death toll every six years.

The child prostitution industry is entirely geared towards upper class Western businessmen.

After you've lived in an apartment complex long enough, your rent has invested more into the property than the landowner initially did. This is required to generate profit in the first place.

Valentine's Day marks the day in which St. Valentino was beheaded under decree of Claudius the Cruel, and is simply a bourgeois effort to associate love with state brutality and consumerism.

There's three branches of government. Military, corporate and Hollywood.

People say Jews secretly run capitalism, but the reality is that capitalism secretly run the Jews... and the rest of us, for that matter.

The Alpha Male theory has been largely discredited in contemporary psychology and is only maintained through the manufactured reality of pop culture.

The nuclear proliferation treaty is actually a nuclear monopoly treaty.