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Dreams are a beautiful thing.

I don’t mean the dreams that you might have about the future - no, those are aspirations. I also don’t mean daydreams - daydreams are bound by your waking mind, and cannot possibly hope to achieve the potential of a sleeping dream.

I mean the dreams you have at night. The ones where you are a god.

Dreams the closest that most of us will get to omnipotence in our lifetime. You can do anything in a dream. There are no laws - it’s your reality!

You can do anything you want. You can do anything you don’t want. You can do things you can’t even comprehend because dreams don’t operate on our laws.

In the real world, events have causes. You are across the room because you walked there.

But in a dream, there is no causality. You are across the room because you are across the room. And when you decide not to be across the room, you are no longer across the room - you were never even across the room!

Causality binds us; we can’t do something without causing it to happen. But in a dream, it’s the opposite! We can do anything we want without any reason for it to happen. Then, when we don’t want to do it, it never happened.

This is the basis of omnipotence. There’s a question, that some atheists may ask religious people:

Can God create a stone so heavy that even He cannot lift it?

The answer, of course, is yes. But He will lift it anyway, because there is no causality between “heavy” and “being able to lift” when you have omnipotence.

When you wake up, you can try and make sense of what happened in the dream. But you never really can, as human minds aren’t fit for omnipotence. In at least some sense we run on internal logic; omnipotence does not have logic.

And then when we wake up, we try and think, “what happened in the dream?” We try and link events together, as that’s the only way the human mind works.

But a dream doesn’t have linked events - it has events, and they happen. That is the true power of being a god - things happen for no reason other than they happen.

But then, how can you experience a dream if your mind can’t understand dreams?

For me, I don’t experience a dream. I am the dreamer, of course, but what happens in the dream happens to someone else.

Let’s call the dreamee, ‘ME’. ME is not me, in the real world. ME looks like me, but he does not. ME acts like me, but he does not.

When I dream at night, ME does things in the dream. Lots of nonsensical things, that I cannot possibly hope to understand - and I can’t.

Does he act on his own accord? Or does my subconscious mind control ME?

When I was young, I had a dream about a school disco. I don’t remember anything but one scene - in the main assembly hall of my school.

ME got stuck to a wall. He could move or I could move him away from the wall, but only temporarily - he would snap back to the wall very quickly. No matter how hard we tried, ME was permanently stuck to that wall.

Even to this day, if I try and daydream about that scene, ME stays stuck to that wall forever. My conscious mind cannot control my daydreams fully, for some reason.

Of course, in my dreams I am omnipotent, and omnipotence means ignoring causality. So, I simply skipped to the next scene. ME was no longer stuck, and the dream plays on.

Who stuck ME to the wall? Why did ME get stuck to the wall? Why can’t I override it? Why can I just skip to the next scene without consequences?

Who is it that is overriding my own omnipotence in my dream? Is it ME? Is it just me, my subconscious mind trying to tell me something?

Or is it somebody else?